SosaScope offers complete online website marketing and E-Commerce solutions. No matter what your budget is, we will give you the absolute best solution to accomplish every one of your goals.

Ecommerce is a broad term that encompasses more than just posting items for sale on E-Bay or Yahoo. E-Commerce is also selling your services and your reputation online in a way that is much more complex than just enabling someone to add it to their “cart”. That is why we offer a wide array of solutions for your E-Commerce needs. SosaScope brings to you better and smarter designs for your E-Commerce site.

A well designed E-Commerce website is a critical aspect of being successful in online trading. Our E-Commerce website systems are developed to provide a complete turn-key website management system CMS that gives you the ability to manage all your pages, content, products, images, forms and much more.

Your Business Defined, 24-7:

Every fragment of information defining your business is likely to be found within your content management system or CMS. From publishing new content on websites and mobile devices to smart database integration applications, a CMS can automate business processes, share sales information and provide valuable user statistics for future marketing initiatives. And best of all, it works 24/7 with no complaints. Two important and widely used content management systems that we use and recommend are WordPress and Drupal.


  • Payment Gateway
  • Shipping Interaction
  • Email Notifications
  • “Remember-Me” Option
  • Full On-Line Control Administration
  • Products/Category/Options
Easy to Navigate 95%
3rd party Integration 100%
Approved 96%

Built in Design Features:

e-Commerce transactions in the U.S. now exceed over $200 billion a year. There are many plug-ins for websites that competes for this market. But we have the instinct to know which plug in and method will work best for our clients. Here are some of the most popular features the plug-ins we use offer…And best of all, it works 24/7 with no complaints. Online is always open generating revenue for your business.


Track your stock, your customers and your sales to make better strategic decisions. Our designs generate simple, readable reports that allows you to slice and dice your numbers, so that you can measure which tactics are working (and which ones aren’t) and use better data to figure out which products to promote, when, to whom, and under what conditions to maximize revenue for your business.

Tax & Shipping:

Experience error-free shipping and improved tax compliance. Simply put, our solutions generate a very adequate way to ship real goods online. For instance, the “Per Product Shipping” and “Table Rate Shipping” extensions let you store admins; set up different shipping costs for different products; and customize shipping options based on geographic location, number of items, weight and cost.

Payment Gateway:

Do you want to offer bulk discounts on large orders? What about designating wholesale prices for a specific product? We analyze many platforms that allows you create a dizzying universe of conditional pricing scenarios. We can help you set up a pricing structure that can take your customers through your funnel intuitively and with ease, no matter how complex your system is or what goods you sell.

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