Our guarantee to you is you will be 100% satisfied with our work, or we will continue our work to make 100% sure your experience with SosaScope is positive.

Corporation History

SosaScope is a Family Owned Business with Very Little Overhead. Because of our fiscal responsibility, SosaScope passes these savings directly to you, our customers, and therefore, to your business.

The vision of SosaScope is supported by our company’s founder, Ladislao Sosa. His mission statement was: “The Customer is Always Right”. The same mission statement still carries on today. Our goal is to provide quality services at a reasonable price thus providing customer satisfaction.

Company Inception

SosaScope is incorporated in the State of Louisiana with assets of over $225,000 with the purpose of providing computer services to SouthWest Louisiana.

Partnered with offshore companies and started to provide sophisticated databases to various businesses and non-profit organizations in the State of Louisiana.

Moves Operations to Miami, FL

Moved operations to Miami and strengthens relationships with associates in Panama City and Lima.

Expands to Central and South America

We developed strategic accords to cooperate with graphic design companies in Panama City, Panama and Lima, Peru to collaborate in projects of mutual interests in the United States, Panama, and Peru.

Commitment to Sustainability

The owners of the company committed to creating a better, more sustainable future for the planet by purchasing energy efficient electronics, the use of solar power, and dispose of items properly and sensible.

Leading Edge Technologies

Committed to find the best and cost effective solutions, and to use all technologies available to get the word out about our clients products and services.


Reevaluate Strategy & Revisit company values, mission and vision and adapt to the new decade.