Mobile Apps

SosaScope has partnered with several companies with an extensive depth and breadth of Mobile Applications Development to deliver economic viable mobile applications development to our clients.

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality
Products and Services.

We have cooperative alliances with companies with a proven track record that count with diverse team of people dedicated to developing and launching successfully mobile apps. We always start by gathering information about your project – what information and materials are available, what are the key deadlines and goals, etc. We then evaluate if we can successfully finish your project. If we determine we can, then we put a schedule and project plan together. It is very important to think through a mobile app and tailor its structure, flow, and content towards your goal for the website and your customers goal in visiting. Our team will conduct research, perform user testing and assemble wireframes. Once the UX is complete our designers will design a Ul to fit the wireframes. They’ll use photography, illustration, and modern design elements to create a design that will fit your mobile app’s purpose. Our goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives and to bring ideas and concepts to life. In our free time, we build our own projects to explore new technologies and learn new ways of doing things. Our passion is reflected in the way we work together, the projects we take on, and in our work itself. We genuinely love what we do.

Our mobile apps are designed to sell efficiently and convert at a high rate. We build in tracking analytics to optimize conversions.

Pull in product and inventory data from third parties. Connect to CRMs (Customer relationship management) & ERPs (Enterprise resource planning), mailing lists, and digital marketing tools.

Our mobile apps are designed to be focused on your target audience and how we can appeal to them and further your objectives.

Mobile apps should be easy for customers to use. We make sure the UX and UI aren’t an obstacle for customers.

  • Fixing Bugs and Issues
  • Proactive Bugs Detection