How to send large files using dropbox

If you have to send us large files, follow these instructions to use the popular Dropbox service. So, you might be new to Dropbox. That is fine, it’s a really simple file sharing website. It is the most popular free to use cloud storage system. Great for file sharing or backing up any files or information you want for yourself.

Step 1: Sign Up

We are going to have to create an account. Go to Dropbox and go to the field where you would sign in.

The field should look similar to this. Click on the “create an account” link, which will have you fill out a few fields.

The fields are straight forward, they just need your name and email. Once that has been filled out, you may need to confirm your email address. If an email isn’t sent immediately, it should be sent when we’re setting up the files that you would like to share.

Step 2: Ignore Installer

If the following screen comes up after creating an account, you do not need to download the installer. You can do everything from the browser, and it isn’t necessary to set up any extra programs.

Step 3: Creating Folders

Head back to Dropbox and you should have a screen that looks like this. What we want to do is to create a folder. Click on the folder icon, and a new folder will immediately appear. Place the files that you want to share within the folder.

Step 4: Sharing the Folder

Right click the folder with the files you want to share, and hover over share, then click on “Invite people to collaborate…” Which will then send you to this.

Fill out the email address to who you want to send the files to, and a message indicating what it is. Click on Share, and job well done.